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Done in 2013
Fields: Branding, Art Direction, Package Design, 3D Modelling.

Cícera Café

Cícera Café is a Brazilian Coffee Boutique, their blends and special selected beans were the main source of inspiration for this project. Therefore, the brand should translate this sophistication and their attention regarding the selection and preparation of the most authentic Brazilian coffee.
The logo relays on the royal and colonial symbols, mixing the two “C”, I designed a brand that brings back the old times of the Brazilian coffee production, when the farms would have a unique cattle branding stick to mark their coffee sacks.
In order to accomplish this goal, I tried to bring the most primary element in the coffee production chain, the actual coffee branch, and use the leafs and sticks from photos I took during a field trip to their farm, where the magic happens.
The result of this experiment was a very flexible and enchanting pattern which was used as a graphic complement to the brand itself.
The final result creates a sophisticated atmosphere for the brand and brings back the feelings and inspirations behind their process.